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100t Per Hour Soyabean Led Flux Scale

100t Per Hour Soyabean Led Flux Scale

  • High Light

    100t per hour flux scale


    Soyabean Flux Scale


    Led Flux Scale

  • NAME
  • Power Supply
    100W 220V
  • Display Type
    Led Display +Touch Screen(If Needed)
  • Type
    Counting Scale
  • Accuracy
  • Warranty
  • Function
    Weighing And Measuring
  • Weighing Range
    2T-300T Per Hour ,customized
  • Display
  • Usage
    Weighting, Accumulation
  • Working Temperature
    -20 Degree To 40 Degree
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 set
  • Packaging Details
    standard plywood cases package
  • Delivery Time
    20 working days
  • Payment Terms
    T/T , LC
  • Supply Ability
    20 sets per month

100t Per Hour Soyabean Led Flux Scale


Flux Scale 100T/hour for Soya Bean
Usage in in-warehouse and out-warehouse accumulation Scale
Wuxi Ruili Electronic Bulk Scale is a kind of non-continuous accumulating automatic weighing instrument for automatic weighing of bulk materials. It is suitable for indoor/outdoor installation. It automatically divides a batch of bulk material to be weighed into several discrete loads, weighs each weight in turn, accumulates all weighing results, and discharges the weighed materials one by one. This type of scale is mainly suitable for the cumulative measurement of powdery granular materials with good fluidity. It has the characteristics of high measurement accuracy, stable performance and good long-term work reliability. It meets the requirements of trade settlement and is a modern warehousing, port, grain and oil industry. The preferred equipment for high-precision metering of bulk materials.


  • Filling Scale Technical Parameters:
  • Capacity :100T per hour
  • Suitable material:Bean, Corn , Grain,Wheat etc .
  • Single Weighing:customized by detail capacity 
  • Weighing times:150-300 times /hour .
  • Accuracy:Static ±0.1%;Dynamic ±0.2%.
  • Working Enviorment:-10℃~50℃.Can work outdoors.


  • Customer need prepare blow :
  • Power :Single phase AC220V,120W/hour.
  • Request Compressed Air :Pressure >0.6MPa Consume <40m3/hour
  • Dust Collect Request :Air intake 800 m3/hour


  • Machine consist of blow parts

Feeding storage hopper

It consists of a buffer hopper, a pneumatic feed valve and a full level detection leveler. The effective capacity of the buffer hopper is 1.8 m3. It is used to temporarily store the material when the weighing bucket stops feeding the stable weight and when the material is discharged, so that the front feeding system is stopped, and the front feeding system can be continuously operated. At the same time, a level positioner is installed at the full level of the buffer hopper, and is externally connected to the customer, so that the feeding is stopped when the material is about to be taken. The volume of the buffer hopper can meet the material buffer required for the normal operation of the bulk material scale. If other buffers are needed, the user needs to connect the large material bin.


Weighing hopper

It consists of a weighing body, two discharge valve and four load cell. This part, together with the weighing control part, forms the basic metering unit of the bulk material. The weighing hopper is a container used to complete the weighing of the material. The barrel of the weighing hopper is installed in the inner closed casing by a tension-free flexible connecting device with three tension-type weighing sensors. This installation method reduces the influence of the symmetry precision of the impact force generated during the falling of the material. In the structure of the sensor connecting device, the protection of the sensor during the transportation of the scale body and the convenience of replacement/overhaul of the sensor are fully considered. After the end of one weighing, the lower discharge valve is automatically opened, the material is quickly discharged into the unloading buffer bucket, and then the discharge valve is closed for the next weighing..


 Discharge hopper

The effective volume of the lower hopper is 1.8m3, and the material of the weighing hopper can be fully accepted at one time, and then the material is gradually emptied. The new weighing and weighing can be started immediately after the weighing hopper is finished. There is also a material leveler on the hopper bucket. When the material is blocked in a special situation, the material level device sends a signal. After the weighing hopper is called, it will not discharge, and will wait for the leveler signal to return to normal. Will be discharged to prevent the following accidents.

The discharge port of the lower hopper is connected to the material inlet of the downstream discharge conveying device through the user's transition pipe. The user can add a valve for adjustable flow at the inlet connection of the transition slip pipe and the downstream discharge conveying device according to the actual situation, so as to prevent the downstream discharge conveying device from being crushed by the material..


Flux scale Calibration Device

The calibration scale auxiliary device consists of two large-diameter lifting cylinders, which are placed symmetrically, and the lower part is equipped with a hook-type hook for hanging the weight when the scale is used. Lifting the weight with the auxiliary cylinder reduces the labor intensity of the worker when the calibration is performed, and also improves the efficiency of the calibration scale. A weight of 300kg can be lifted on each side (compressed air pressure 0.6MPa).

The chain or cord for lifting weights and lifting weights is an option and needs to be purchased by the customer.


  • Scale Our Advantage:
  • Wind-resistant design, fully enclosed mechanism, suitable for outdoor installation, measurement is not affected by strong winds.
  • Split-type combined design, convenient for on-site lifting and installation, and easy to transport.
  • Adopt a relatively single-time small and fast weighing stabilization technology to achieve a weight of 2000kg per weighing and 150 weighings per hour. This will reduce the impact on the next process and at the same time maximize the continuity and stability of the feed.
  • The product provides split installation for different site heights, and customer choice is more flexible. Please see the attached sample drawing for details.
  • Anti-wear treatment, specifically for the feed hopper to use 5~6mm thick steel plate, and local reinforcement; the upper hopper feed valve adopts 6~8mm thick steel plate; the weighing bucket body is 5~6mm thick steel plate, and is partially strengthened; The total thickness of the bottom discharge valve of the measuring bucket reaches 12mm, which is more resistant to impact; the discharge hopper uses 5~6~8mm steel plate.
  • The load cell suspension is made of ∅20mm thick steel bar, which is much stronger than the traditional ∅12mm~16mm.
  • The complete system power supply only needs AC220V power supply, and the power consumption is less than 120W, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly.
  • The all-solid-state power supply is used in the weighing controller, which is not affected by moisture and sea fog.
  • Mechnicl design usage period >15 years
  • Weighing Controller design usage period >10 years